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Hello Videos 4 Christ Supporters! I know its been a long time in writing but BrothaRollins has been busy busy. Thank God for the new video ministry business Tony Tidwell & UnCommon FAVOR on this past month. Please go to ITUNES, AMAZON, and CD BABY to download there new single entitled "YOU'RE AMAZING"(CLICK  You'RE AMAZING link clip and leave your comments. Who is AMAZING, THE  LORD JESUS is AMAZING and trust me you will love this song because it's AMAZING.

Sermon Closing Clip

New Videos have been posted on the Videos 4 Christ channel, why does everyone on YouTube only like to watch Sermon Closing clips of Sermons. If you noticed these Sermon Closing clips get so many hits like this one I posted of Bishop Charles Bond Jr. preaching Houston, Texas in 2003. Check out this awesome SERMON CLOSE of this message about The PRODIGAL SON.
Bishop Charles Bond Jr.
"Some Good Things About This Bad Boy"
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